Designers and Brands to Follow

My Style Daily is always seeking to bring you the best and brightest designers and brands to follow. Check out my list of Who to Watch:

Lia Sophia: Jewelry for Every Woman

Acid Tounged Angel: Custom Made Shoes

DelMoniCole: Chic Street Style

COURAGE b. : Modern, Contemporary Style

Dotty: A dress for every occasion

Shalottlilly: Jewelry that’s sure to be conservation pieces

Jolita Jewellery: Beautiful Statement Pieces

Elaine Tuner Designs: Amazingly well made and stylish accessories

Ali & Bird: Unique, fun, classic, bold jewelry

KellyLove – The modern vintage design to the brand is impeccable

Elliepearl – Their signature bandage dresses are a fashion staple

LaughPing – Desired Style at Fabulous Prices is an understatement; I love how every few days, the product selection changes

Rosie Olivia – Her millinery creations are truly works of art


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