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Welcome to My Style Daily! My name is Alea Sherrill and I blog from the charming southern city of Charlotte, NC. What sparked my interest in fashion was the movie Clueless. I remember watching that movie and thinking “I want to be like those girls!” The rest, they say, is history. I was voted best dressed in High School 3 years in a row. Looking back on some of those pictures, I think “How did that happen?” Needless to say, my style has definitely evolved with time. I obtained a degree in Fashion Marketing from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. That experience definitely help shape me into the person I am today. My personal style is to mix vintage pieces with current trends and modern design. My favorite accessories are earrings and necklaces. I cannot even begin to count how many of those I have. Earrings and necklaces truly complete my outfits.

I created this blog for the girl that wants to keep her wardrobe updated, but doesn’t have an overflowing amount of money to do it. My blog is real fashion for real women. I try to suggest products and brands that are affordable to the average girl. One thing I enjoy is finding new brands and designers. I share those findings with my readers so that they can also support young, bright, fashion talent.

When I am not blogging, I am spending time with my husband of 3 years and my 1 year old daughter.

For promotion opportunities and other questions, please email mystyledaily@outlook.com


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  1. Lisa Monahan says:

    Hi there – thanks so much for the kind words about Switch Gear sets – they are a very fun product to work on – and an amazing alternative to my long-time career as an architect! These are like Legos for women – would love to send you more info. if you are interested in including Switch Gear on your site – I’d totally love that!

    xx Lisa

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