The Five Biggest Misconceptions About Hair Oils

For some the thought of putting oil IN our hair is a backwards concept. Aren’t we supposed to wash our hair to get oil OUT? The primary reason we wash our hair is to remove buildup from our hair follicle to keep the scalp healthy and of course to wash any lingering smells. Oils are actually a great thing for all hair types. Here are the 5 biggest misconceptions about hair oils

1)HAIR OILS ARE HEAVY. – Unlike some oil products that sit on top of the hair, products with Camellia Oil rapidly absorb thanks to a high concentration of lipids and minerals that work to protect and hydrate the hair.
2)HAIR OIL WILL MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK GREASY. – With the correct application technique and amount of product, hair will appear healthy and shiny – NOT greasy. Only a pea-sized amount of oil should be used on mid–lengths to ends, NEVER roots.
3)OIL SHOULDN’T BE USED ON SECOND DAY HAIR. – Oils are a great way to revive second day hair by working to smooth frizz, hydrate dry ends, banish second day dullness and refreshing shine with an added hint of fragrance.
4)OIL SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED TO WET HAIR. – In addition to being a great styling aid, oils can be applied to dry hair to add shine, time frizz and flyways, and also as a great pre-shampoo treatment for extra conditioning when applied to dry hair before washing. For extra nourishment, apply to dry hair at night from mid-lengths to ends. Leave on overnight and wash normally in the morning.
5)ALL HAIR OILS ARE THE SAME. – From argan to almond to coconut and Camellia, hair oils each offer unique benefits and nutrients. Choose an oil that is easily absorbed so it doesn’t weigh hair down or leave it looking greasy.

If you are new to hair cleansing oils, try Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Shampoo. The rich foam shampoo leaves the hair’s natural oils in tact, leaves hair feeling moisturized and smells amazing!

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