You Will Love MORF

Prepare yourself to experience on of the coolest shirts ever! MORF is literally a one of a kind shirt. Designed by Tamara Salem, the shirt can transform in up to 24 different ways. The secret of MORF lies in its simple double-layer construction that allows it to magically change colors, cuts and looks, enabling you to customize and personalize your look in the most practical way.

Check out my interview below with designer Tamara Salem

Me: Let me start by saying I love MORF! But before we get into the details of this amazing fashion invention, let’s talk about your background. How long have you been a fashion designer and when did you know that was your calling?

Tamara: I always had a passion for fashion, but it was just a hobby for many years (while my career was in back-stage-television as a director and content editor). After inventing the MORF concept, I decided to study fashion, which led me to open my own independent evening wear studio.

Me: MORF is an amazing product! Tell us how it works and the motivation behind creating the product.

Tamara: I always liked versatile and multi functional clothing, and actually was trying to make one myself when I came up with Morf. I had in my mind a vague idea for a double layer top – half white half black- that could be wore front or back. But only when it was done I realized that by flipping it inside out I get a totally white shirt, and flipping it again – all black! That was the moment I understood that the Morf structure offers more possibilities than I thought.

The Morf magic is actually very simple: A regular top is basically composed of two layers joined together – which allows you to “place yourself” only between those two, and flip it inside out only one time. When you have four layers – you suddenly have three available spaces to occupy and turn inside-out, each exposing or hiding the inner layers, creating different neck openings, fronts and backs.

Me: When people try the shirt, they LOVE it! What has been the most memorable response to the different ways you can wear the shirt?

Tamara: The greatest reactions usually come from people who see the video for the first time, and sometime are absolutely sure it’s a hoax… The best reaction I get from people trying the shirt is it feels great and that they never wanna take it off.

Me: Tell us a bit about your personal style?

Tamara: Simple, comfortable, minimalistic, monochromatic, effortless- would characterise my style. I try all my designs on myself, and I wear my MORF all the time. It makes me feel stylish yet comfortable, and the variety it offers makes it even more practical

Me: Your creativity with MORF has been remarkable! I can’t wait to see the next path your creativity takes you on. Are there any plans in the new future to expand MORF or offer pieces in a Tamara Salem collection?

Tamara: The MORF patent can be applied to any kind of top, including dresses, tanks, kid’s wear, sports wear, men’s wear etc. We are planning on developing these and others this year.


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