Video: Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Runway


Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Runway

A traditional brasserie by Chanel in the heart of the Grand Palais, a place with a lively atmosphere for a collection with multiple propositions. I noticed the researched work on the materials and the quilted effects transformed by 3D. The iconic tweed is reinvented in thousands of different ways. The nods to the French bistros are found by an apron skirt which gives a new allure to the silhouette, where the fabrics are checkered. The know-how of the Chanel ateliers is demonstrated by several graphic embroideries which remind me of the floors in the brasseries. Little hooded parkas, straight skirts or lightly flared cropped jackets, jeans, all the essentials of the wardrobe are there. The knitwear is colored, and warm for the long tube dresses. A show with a great richness where the couture tradition is present but reworked, for a contemporary and urban fashion.

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