Soul Sunday: Why Comparison Is A Dangerous Habit to Have


Most of us have been in that place before where we compare ourselves with other people. We compare how we look, where we live, how much money we make, how many designer items we own; the list goes on and on. The result? We make ourselves feel worse. I have often wondered why it is easier for us to find good/positive qualities in other people but struggle to find them within ourselves. The truth is that there will always be someone, somewhere who has a quality that we feel we are lacking. However, by focusing on others we take the eyes off of our own journey. Think of it like driving. If you look over in the lane next to you too long, you will soon find yourself drifting out of your own lane. There is nothing more rewarding that staying focused on your own journey. When we compare, we minimize how far we have come based on someone else. I love this quote by Ann Voskamp:

comparison is a thug

It’s a wonderful reminder of the dangers of comparison. So, the next time you start the comparison game, remember that it only serves to rob you of true inner peace.


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