Dollars and Sense: Triangle Heel Black Bootie


I have honestly had my eyes on these Isabel Marant ankle boots since they debuted on Barney’s website mid August. I love the shape of the heel and the mix of leather with suede, but at $995 it was simply out of my range for pair of booties. Just the other day, I got an email from Barney’s saying “Check out our major shoe clearance..” Could it be the boots I had wanted for months were now down to a more affordable range? The answer was still no (insert super sad face). Even after more than 4 months, the price had not bulged not one little bit.

Isabel Marant Black Triange Heel Bootie
Isabel Marant Andrew Ankle Boots

Later that day, I started browsing around on the Steve Madden website. A new pair of shoes from somewhere couldn’t hurt right? Plus they were having an amazing sale on styles I could wear now and in the spring/summer. Then I came across the Powerwlk bootie. It was strikingly similar to the Isabel Marant version and was only $75. That’s $920 cheaper! Call me happy!

Steve Madden Black Triange Heel Bootie
Steve Madden Powerwlk Bootie

Take a look side by side. Pretty close for a $920 savings!

Processed with Moldiv

Triangle Heel Black Bootie

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