5 Stylish Snow Boots That Are Anything But Basic


There is one winter weather accessory that typically is more about function than style: The Snow Boot.Of course the sole purpose is to keep you feet dray and to keep you from falling in slippery areas, but most snow boots are just downright UGLY. Most of the styles I have seen do not reflect anything stylish consumers would wear in real life. I thought to myself, “There must be stylish snow boots out there,” So, I set out to search and gather options for you. Little did I know how hard that would be! In any event, after much searching, I have selected 5 stylish snow boots that will keep you looking good even in a blizzard!

Michael Kors Essex Snow Boots, $295 Michael-Kors-Essex-Snow-Boots

RSVP Penelope Snow Boots $69


Hunter Neoprene Snow Boots $175


Coach Samara Snow Boots $228



United Nude Urban Snow Boot $102



Winter got here SUPER early.

Even in the typically warm south where I live, we have already had snow in our mountain regions and temperatures down in the teens for areas that are typically mid 50’s during this time of year. We have all heard about the record snow fall in the upper northeast.

Even in places where snow is the normal, some weren’t exactly prepared to deal with winter weather in mid November.




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