Weekend Recap: Brunch with Betsey Johnson


This past Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to meet the iconic and “Oh so fun” Betsey Johnson. She visited a a local Belk store to greet fans and promote her latest looks showcased in the store. Before the public meet and greet, a few selected press and media had the opportunity to have brunch with Betsey and ask her a few questions. When she walked into the room I was surprised at how petite she is. With her pink and black stripe dress, black sneakers, and bright yellow highlights, her energy was refreshing. After graciously taking photos with each of us, she took questions from the small audience. The topics ranged from her time on Dancing With the Stars, to her reality show, to her social media presence and so much more. A couple of neat things I learned about her during the brunch was that she loves taking her time putting her makeup on in the mornings. She will turn on Tuner Classic Movies, sit in her makeup area and just enjoy beautifying herself. One thing I do appreciate about her is that she has embraced becoming an older woman while still keeping a youthful spirit. At 72 years young, she has seen a lot come and go in the fashion industry. Next year will mark her 50th year designing under the Betsey Johnson label. When mentioning this to us, her next statement was, “We should have a party for this right?!” All of us cheered a resounding “YES!” Meeting her has not only been the highlight of my blogging career, but also of my personal life. I can only hope that I am as vibrant, energetic and stylish as she is when I reach 72.

Shop the latest from Betsey Johnson’s collection at Belk or shop directly from her website.

Here are a few memories I captured from the event. You can view all the photos and videos on my Instagram page.

Me and Betsey
Me and Betsey
Pink Roses were the center pieces at the brunch table.
Pink Roses were the center pieces at the brunch table.
Betsey Johnson and Belk's fashion director Arlene Goldstein
Betsey Johnson and Belk’s fashion director Arlene Goldstein

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria says:

    How amazing! I’m thrilled that you had such an amazing opportunity! Have a lovely day! Xo, Maria


    1. Alea says:

      thank you so much maria!

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