Bring Fashion Week Glamour Right Into Your Home

Fashion lovers from around the world are not the only ones looking at the latest runways shows for inspiration. Many interior designers use runway trends to gather ideas and provide their clients implement style into their homes. Ace’s Hardware Design Experts Julie Richard, Katie Reynolds and Nathan Fischer have more than 30 years of combined interior design and color selection experience and have made it easy for us to translate runway trends into our homes. “Fashion leads the way when it comes to style trends and the home is one of the best places to bring the looks of the runway into your everyday life. The mix of bold graphics, billowing silhouettes and striking colors can easily translate into home décor,” said Julie. “Just as the fashion industry’s designers update their looks every season, consumers can now breathe new life into their homes by utilizing our fashion-inspired tips and paint color recommendations.”



Shades of blue ranging from navy to teal to the palest sky blue graced runways all over the city. These hues are perfect for a bedroom or bathroom — create a calming atmosphere with Clark+Kensington Morning Mist 34B-3, a soft sky blue, or a teal like Clark+Kensington Seaside Manor 31C-4. For a more intimate feeling, try Clark+Kensington Midnight Oil 36B-7, a dark navy. Pair any of these blue hues with a crisp white for a modern designer look.



Olive Green graced the catwalks of numerous designers and established itself as the “new neutral” for spring. This color pairs well with many different colors in fun and unique ways, but if a neutral palette is preferred try Clark+Kensington Chopped Sage 23B-5 alongside grays, whites or blacks for an updated take on this classic look.




Classic black and white were threaded together through many top designer collections this season. Incorporate this graphic pairing into the home with a bold wall pattern such as stripes of varied width. Try it with Clark+Kensington Chalk CW-C2, a bright white, andClark+Kensington Midnight Stroll N-C16, a deep, cool black.

Front Door


Some designers opted for bright colors and graphic patterns in hues of emerald and persimmon. These shades work best in the home as accents and can be used to freshen up anything from a vintage chest or side table to the front door for a daring statement. A lush green like Clark+Kensington Swiss Chard 29D-5 or an orange-red such as Clark+Kensington Chilled Gazpacho 09C-7 in a high-gloss finish are ideal hues to bring this color trend into the home.

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