A Brand New Bag


I have began a new tradition of getting a new bag on special occasions. With today being my birthday, I am super excited to share my newest bag in my growing collection. I’ve been on the hunt for something new for about a month. I would go shopping with an open mind knowing that when I encountered the right bag I would feel it. On a whim I decided to into Nordstrom and just have a peek. As I looked around the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, at first glance, nothing really stood out, but barley peeking out from behind a row of bags was a light gray bag with what seemed to be an interesting shape. I pulled it out for further investigation and my heart skipped a happy beat. It was a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack with a chic knot handle. There was only one left which could only mean it was meant for me. What I love about my new bag is the mix of high style and youthfulness. Modern backpacks like this one make an ageless statement.

For this look, I am mixing together some of my favorite things; Starwars, JCrew, and Rowen Footwear. The darker colors accented with gold and gray are a modern take on color combinations. A perfect look to celebrate 31.

Photography by IamJOS


















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    1. Alea says:

      Thank you! Its been run to carry around!

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