The 3,000 Square Foot Closet You Have To See To Believe

Most of us want a nice, organized walk in closet, but having one that is the size of a home is enough to excite any fashion lover. This massive, and might I add beautiful, closet is owned by business philanthropy expert and CEO Theresa Roemer. As an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire by the time she was 38, Theresa’s passion is in giving back. “Personally, it’s my SHE CAVE. Men have a MAN CAVE, so why can’t a woman have a SHE CAVE? This is my special space. I meditate, cry if I’m upset, pray, read, relax, visit with close or special friends, and if you can fit in to my size 6, shoes 9, by all means have a blast. Professionally, You get a lot more RSVPs on a fundraising invitation that reads “Join us in Theresa Roemer’s closet” than XYZ Country Club. The charities and individuals I work with on a regular basis know me and know that they may contact me any time to host a function here. But as a business philanthropist, any company can contact me to arrange a charity event and possibly use my closet”, says Theresa.

With a cost of $500,000 to build and an estimated 2 Million in inventory, Theressa’s 3 story closet is the largest in America. The first floor is handbags and jewelry. The second floor houses her shoes, clothing, a champagne bar and hair/makeup station. The third floor is home to her hats, furs and items she doesn’t wear that often. Take a peek inside her magnificent “She Cave”

Photos provided by The Blog by Neiman Marcus and photographer Chinh Phan

0034_ Theresa_Roemer


0002_ Theresa_Roemer

0007_ Theresa_Roemer

0008_ Theresa_Roemer

0009_ Theresa_Roemer

0012_ Theresa_Roemer

0014_ Theresa_Roemer

0016_ Theresa_Roemer

0021_ Theresa_Roemer

0028_ Theresa_Roemer

0035_ Theresa_Roemer

0044_ Theresa_Roemer

0045_ Theresa_Roemer

0050_ Theresa_Roemer

0058_ Theresa_Roemer

0060_ Theresa_Roemer

0061_ Theresa_Roemer

0062_ Theresa_Roemer

0064_ Theresa_Roemer

To get the full 3D effect, Watch Good Morning American interview Theresa.

3,000 Square Foot Closet

3,000 Square Foot Closet


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  1. lol I like how she says her passion is in giving back… maybe she meant to the fashion community and local builders? lol

    1. Alea says:

      I thought that was an interesting comment too!

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