A.P.C. Kanye West Men’s Fall Collection Review

Kanye West is trying the designer thing again. This time instead of a mediocre attempt at designing a full women’s collection, he has teamed up with A.P.C to design a menswear collection that is essentially very Kanye. The Fall collection feels much more authentic. It’s Kanye’s way of directing men to his self proclaimed “unparallelled visual aesthetic and style.” On one hand, I am rooting for Kanye since he wants to be a fashion designer so bad (See interviews here, here AND here). On the other hand, the collection doesn’t really offer any new perspective. I was expecting a more “push the envelope but stay commercial” point of view. Instead, I got an expensive collection of army inspired gear. The collection ranges from $2,865 for a fur Parka to $90 for a plain white t-shirt. Like it or not, the collection will likely sell out if for no other reason than the fact that Kanye designed it. Check out it out below.


A.P.C. Kanye CollectionA.P.C. Kanye Collection Army sweater A.P.C. Kanye Collection Biker pants A.P.C. Kanye Collection Bomber jacket A.P.C. Kanye Collection Camo T-shirt, A.P.C. Kanye Collection Kanye jeans A.P.C. Kanye Collection Patched Airport sweater A.P.C. Kanye Collection Patched Kanye jeans tan A.P.C. Kanye Collection Patched Parka with fur A.P.C. Kanye Collection Patched sweatshirt A.P.C. Kanye Collection Plain T-shirt A.P.C. Kanye Collection Swiss Army Pants A.P.C. Kanye Collection Work shirt

apc kanye collection


Photos from Style.com

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