5 Fashion Apps to Download Now


So many new Apps, so little time. We are here to make it easy for you. From new emojis to virtually trying on nail polish, you are guaranteed to spend hours using these 5 apps to inspire your fashion creativity.

Harper’s Bazaar Emojis
This recently launched app is dedicated to fashion expression through emoji. My favorite so far? Karl Largefeld headshot.

Bazaar Emojis


Take street style to the next level, but not only viewing stylish looks, but also shopping them.

Cream App

The Hunt
Have you ever fell in love with a photo of an item you saw online, but couldn’t find where to buy it? The Hunt is an where you can post a photo of that item and users help you locate where to buy it.

The Hunt App




threadUP is one of the best online consignment shops. You can set filters to narrow down your search my your size, preferred brands and price range.



Virtually try on all of OPI’s nail colors with just a couple quick taps on your phone. You can even change the nail length and skin tone of the hand to closer mimic your own.


Fashion Apps

Fashion Apps


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