The Fashion Fund: Episode Three, In Front of the Camera


“We’re watching”-Anna Wintour

The Fashion Fund Designers Drawing

The episode began with the designers presented with a challenge to combine their aesthetic with the UniQlo brand. For those of you not familiar with UniQlo, it’s a life concept store that began in 1984 in Japan. In the past few years, they recently expanded their footprint in the US and have a HUGE 89,000 sq. ft. location on 5th Avenue in New York.

Mixed in with this design challenge is the judges visiting the designers studios to see how they work and view their progress on the sketches for the design challenge. As Anna makes her visits, it’s very hard to read her opinion of the designers and as expected, it makes them even more nervous! As she casually browses through the racks of garments and look at the sketches, you wonder just what thoughts are rolling through her brain. Check out this video below of her visit to Tome.

If the design challenge and judge visits weren’t enough, the designers get the opportunity to appear in the November issue of Vogue. One of the most exquisite pieces featured in the Vogue photo shoot was a necklace by Marc of Marc Alary. The piece he created took him seven hours to make, but it was well worth it.

“The Design Challenge forces them to focus” – Diane von Furstenberg

As the episode comes to a close, the designers 3 ideas for the UniQlo challenge is presented to Anna who decides what look they will ultimately create. The last few moments of the episode were super special. The designers receive the November issue of Vogue in the mail and when they lay eyes of their photo in the magazine, it’s truly moving. What a surreal experience.

As the competition moves forward, you really get to see the hard work and amazing craftsmanship the designers posses. In a lot of ways, it is becoming more difficult to single out a clear “winner” there are several front runners. What I have loved about this show from the beginning, is the amazing amount of talent all the designers posses. It continues to keep me hopeful that the future of great American design is in good hands.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for episode three. Check your local listings for OvationTV in your area.

Visit the blog next Friday as I share my thoughts on episode four.

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The Fashion Fund

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