Read IT! How To Be Chic and Elegant: Tips From a French Woman


By Adonica Brereton of PositivExpert

How to be chic and elegant: Tips from a French Woman

A Sincere Thanks to my blogging partner My Style Daily, who gave me this book to read for February’s Book Review.

We’ve all been to Amazon and have seen the numerous amounts of books written by French Women and Tips on Romance, Not Getting Fat, and why they don’t Need Facelifts.

This book is the real deal How to be chic and elegant: Tips from a French Woman by Marie Anne Lecoeur, every woman in the United States, should read.

he author explains that French women dress in 5 basic colors which are red/wine, navy, black, gray and crème.

French women are classy, yet distinguishable because of their understated femininity that gives an air of mystery. The author herself notes that after French women dresses, she examines herself and always removes one accessory this is a practice that the late Coco Channel made famous.

In terms of fashion French women do not wear too many colors all at once, if they dress for the evening then it is in a simple well-constructed evening gown with a statement necklace, or hanging diamonds, it is never both. French women do invest in well-constructed clothing, but they do not have a lot of it, and the majority of their clothing budget goes to undergarments.

Ms. Lecouer says it is bad taste for any French woman to have a wardrobe malfunction, or been seen without “knickers” walking on a Red Carpet. She also pointed out that several times a year French women go for proper fitting for bras, and invest in appropriate shape wear, because they want the lines of their silhouette to be flawless.

She points out those French women all dress for the weather, so you’ll never see French woman without a hat when there is an Artic Polar Vortex so she can show off her $500.00 haircut.

Many men are drawn to the French mystique because French women are confident without name dropping and being a braggart, it is the feminine mystique along with grace and poise that have men worldwide wanting to be with a French woman.

Lastly, beauty and cosmetics, the author stresses about eating small portions, walking, and bike riding that is why they don’t have obesity epidemics and French women maintain their svelte figures. Cosmetics are a few beauty products that work well with your skin type, she wouldn’t recommend because everyone is different.

Ladies, please let’s take the author’s advice and purchase: How to be Chic and Elegant: Tips from a French Woman by Marie Anne Lecoeur.

Cheers to elegance!


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