Video – The Proper Way to Wash Your Face


Let me start by saying, this video changed my life. Washing our face is something we do everyday (hopefully), yet it had become second nature to me and I gave no thought to what I was doing. I would quickly throw cleanser on, wash it off with hot water, rub it off (sometimes harshly) and then moisturize. All these years, I had been washing my face completely wrong. Thankfully, Into the Gloss interviewed facialist Isabelle Bellis on New York’s upper east side. She explains in detail the proper way to wash your face.

My takeaways from the video’s

a. You have to prepare your skin to receive the product.

b. Use rapid circular movements when applying the cleanser to your face.

c. Dab the skin dry, DON”T rub.

d. When applying serum or moisturizer, apply in an upwards motion on the neck and from outside to inside on the face.

e. If you have leftovers after applying eye creme, put it around your lips. That skin is delicate just like the eye area.

Part 1

Part 2


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