Obsession: 5 Luxury Bags for Fall

I am all about having great style for a great price, but there are times when I am shopping I see a luxury bag and think, “If only I could add this to my closet!” So, take a look at the 5 luxury bags for fall that I can’t get enough of! Enjoy!

Peekaboo Leopard-Lined Handbag from Fendi $4,680Peekaboo Leopard-Lined Handbag - Fendi

Stud Patent Tote Bag from Valentino $3,795

Stud Patent Tote Bag, Red Valentino

Y Ligne Leather Bag from Saint Laurent $2,695

Y Ligne Medium Soft Leather Bag, Amethyst - Saint Laurent

Medium Leather Bowler Bag from Burberry $1,595

Medium Leather Bowler Bag, Black - Burberry

The 1984 Satchel Bag from Marc Jacobs $1,495

The 1984 Satchel Bag, Mandarin - Marc Jacobs


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