Weekend Adventures: MyChelle Dermaceuticals at Whole Foods Event


On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the MyChelle Dermaceuticals event at Whole Food Market in Charlotte, NC. MyChelle Dermaceuticals is the #1 brand of facial skin care in natural and organic grocers. Their goal is to create the most effective, non-toxic skin care products possible. One of the features they were offering at the event was a free VISIA complexion analysis. The VISIA complexion analysis is an 8 point facial scan to give you true picture of your skin’s condition.

VISIA Machine
VISIA Machine Exterior
VISIA Machine
VISIA Machine Interior

After a couple of quick photos, my skin care analysis was ready for review with the MyChelle Beauty Advisor.

VISIA Complexion Analysis
VISIA Complexion Analysis

After taking a look at my areas of concern, the Beauty Advisior was able to recommend a series of products to fit my needs. One of the products recommended that I am most looking forward to using is the Fruit Fiesta Peel. Loaded with fruit enzymes, the peel will help minimize my pores and fade the dark spots.

You can shop MyChelle products on their website, or click here to find a retailer or spa in your area.

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