Summer Style at Work



Summer style at work can sometimes be a challenge. The weather warm out and you want to be comfortable, but not reveal too much skin. One of the best ways to achieve comfort and style during the summer at work is by wearing a dress. This black and white dress from online retailer eShakti is a perfect example.

Black trim poplin shirtdress
Black trim poplin shirtdress $79.95

What a beauty and a classic! The sleeves have full coverage across your shoulders and the knee length is perfect for an office environment. As for shoes, you can wear flats or heels with a dress made like this. What I also love about this look is that with a simple change of shoes and accessories, it would make a perfect look for a summer date night.

Summer Style at Work Rules

1. No plastic flip-flops.

They were designed to be worn at the pool or beach.

2. No spaghetti strap tops or dresses.

Most employers want to see that skin more covered up!

3. Style your work look with great accessories.

Accessories are a way to add personality to your outfit. Don’t neglect them!

4. Keep shorts longer.

If you are allowed to wear shorts, just make sure they are of the longer length. No buns allowed if you know what I mean!

5. Silk or linen is usually a bad idea.

Silk will show any and all sweat marks. You don’t want to be in a meeting or talking to a co-worker and the focus be on the sweat marks instead of you! Linen wrinkles so easily, no matter how much you iron. Some brands have designed wrinkle resistant linen which helps, but it’s not full proof.

6. Stay Stylish

Even with the rules for Summer Style, dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring! They are so many great options out they to keep you looking stylish and work appropriate. Some great retailers to shop for work clothes are: The Limited, Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, and Banana Republic.


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