Dramatic and Unique Jewelry by Adrian Amiro



I first discovered the amazing creations of Jewelry Designer Adrian Amiro through twitter. One of my followers re-tweeted a picture from her collection. The piece was so unusual, I had to find out more! That was several months ago and now, Adrian is preparing for Fashion Week in NYC. She took time out of her busy schedule to give us a little background on herself and how she started her jewelry line, Shalottlilly. She writes,

“Shalottlilly started 7 years ago when I was given some bags of broken, vintage, pretties that once belonged to my great grandmother. My aunt told me ” You’re an artist, do something with this”, and thus one of the greatest adventures of my life began. I use color, Victorian themes, and dreams as a few of my inspirations, as well as anything that sparkles. Most Shalottlilly pieces are one of a kind creations. I love giving old, broken things new life. It gives every piece a bit of history…a story.”

“I started very humbly selling pieces on Ebay and then Etsy. I have had the pleasure of making pieces for celebrities, and two of my pieces have been worn at the Emmys this year. My pieces are owned by Debra Messing, Mariqueen Reznor, Coco Rocha, Carina Round, Sierra Swan, Erica Dasher, Jane Badler, Jeri Ryan, Juliette Beavan, Jennifer Lawson (aka The Bloggess), Teri Ivens, and Audrey Kitching, Chrysta Bell, and Lana Parrilla of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. I feel when a person finds something that truly speaks to them…it belongs to them. People are unique, jewelry should be too. I’ll be showing at NY Fashion Week February 8th at the W Hotel with Plitzs Fashion. I’m so very excited! Right now both Audrey Kitching and the beautiful Jane Badler will be in attendance. Eventually I would like to make pieces for films and stage productions.”


Adrian’s line is currently carried by a few small boutiques including Let’s Face it Studio and Gallery Chiz . You can also visit her shop on Etsy. Shalottlilly has been featured in Glassbook Vol.2, Vogue Italia and Auxiliary Magazine Oct./Nov 2012. When Adrian is not creating fascinating jewelry, she is spending time with her husband and beautiful baby girl in Austin, TX

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