Look Good Naked in 2013: Tips From a Fitness Pro

Happy Wednesday! Today on the blog, fitness expert Leonard Scriven gives us 13 tips to help us look good naked in 2013


When My Style Daily approached me about guest posting – I was all over it. MSD provides great advice and tips on looking good in your clothes…I’m here to help you look good naked.

How are you going to make 2013 a great year? Following are 13 simple things you can do today to help you look and feel better tomorrow!

  1. Get a journal.
    The benefits of journaling have been scientifically proven to improve physical health and mental well-being, diminish symptoms of mental health conditions and disorders, improve cognitive functioning, strengthen the immune system, counteract many of the negative effects of stress, and finally, journaling is for everyone. It just “feels good” to write. Journaling your eating and exercise has been scientifically proven to greatly increase the success of any program.
  2. Freeze some bananas.
    Frozen bananas are the base for a lot of great healthy snacks. Keep them on hand and you will always have access to healthy smoothies and other cold treats. Be sure to get your free smoothie recipe e-book by registering for our newsletter at loveandprimal.com.
  3. Eat protein and a fruit or vegetable at every meal.
    Most people don’t have nearly enough protein in their diets (and WAY too many carbs). Eat 5 times a day and have a protein and fruit or vegetable at every meal, making carbs optional. For example for breakfast have an egg and an orange and ditch the cereal.
  4. Add green tea.
    More than a decade’s worth of research about green tea’s health benefits — particularly its potential to fight cancer and heart disease — has been more than intriguing, as have limited studies about green tea’s role in lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes and stroke, and staving off dementia. (Source WebMD)
  5. Get snack baggies.
    With all of the healthy snacks you’re going to keep around, dividing them into portions ahead of time will help with portion control, convenience and your budget. It’s amazing how much longer food lasts when you don’t eat it all at once!
  6. Get a food scale.
    Watching serving sizes and portions are a must if you’re serious about managing your weight. A great way to keep yourself honest is to use a food scale. Why? Because many people normally eat servings that are much larger than recommended amounts. A food scale teaches you portion control and keeps you from eating more than you planned.
  7. Drink water at every meal and through the day.
    Water helps maintain the proper balance of body fluids. Water can help control calories. Water helps energize muscles. Water helps keep your skin looking good. Water helps your kidneys and keeps you regular. Do you need more reasons?
  8. Get a quality water bottle.
    Water is the most abundant (and overlooked) element in the body. In fact, experts rank water second only to oxygen as essential for life and say most of us aren’t getting enough water. Having a good water bottle has made a huge difference for us. We use the Camelback Eddy. Pepperdine University did a two-week study by sports medicine professor Dr. Holden MacRae, who claimed that participants drank up to 24 percent more water from the new Camelbak Better Bottle than from the disposable bottles tested, 18 percent more water than with the reusable metal bottles in the test and 15 percent more than with the reusable plastic bottle in the test.
  9. Get shoes for purpose.
    Using the correct shoe for the activity you’re participating in can prevent injury and enhance performance. If you participate in a specific activity (like spinning) 3 times a week or more, consider getting a shoe specific for that activity. Think of it as an investment in your health. In addition, there’s a mental boost you get from putting on the right shoe – it’s like telling yourself, “ready, set, GO!”
  10. Get some used exercise equipment.
    Some people prefer the gym and classes to get a good workout, while others find home gyms work best. In addition, there may be times you can’t get to the gym. Having some basic equipment on hand can help you stay on track. No need for a full home gym, but a couple of sets of dumbbells or kettlebells will be enough for you to get a great workout in.
  11. Schedule your workouts.
    Coaches will script the first 10-15 plays of a game. Why? Because getting the team on the same page at the beginning, sets the stage for success at the end of the game. Knowing the fundamentals also makes it easier to improvise when needed during the game. Get your workouts on your schedule and stick to it.
  12. Add a fiber supplement.
    Like water, fiber has multiple benefits. Aside from keeping you regular, fiber helps prevent and lowers the risk of certain conditions including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It is also helps keep your weight under control and manages hunger.
  13. Get an anchor.
    What’s an anchor? It’s a simple reminder that only you know about. It’s a reminder of your goals. It should be something that you keep with you and can refer to often. Something like a rubber bracelet with your favorite quote, a coin or a charm that you keep in your pocket, a picture or note. It will help you stay focused and strengthen you.

Remember that even though you’re making the change today, it takes time for your body to adjust and to see results. You may decide to walk home from work, but it takes time to get there and it’s only 1-step at a time.

Keep moving forward and bring someone with you.



Leonard Scriven

Leonard Scriven is a fitness professional with over 20 years of practical and professional experience. Currently holding certifications in indoor cycle (spinning) and Body Pump. He is the creator of Cycle Cross Fitness (www.cyclecrossfitness.com) – a comprehensive group exercise program that brings high intensity interval based training principles into the traditional gym/group exercise setting. He and his wife, Sarah are co-owners of http://www.loveandprimal.com where they provide practical solutions for you and yours to live well; including, health, wellness, weight loss & overall lifestyle. Don’t forget to follow Love&Primal on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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