Look and Feel Great 24-7: 2013 Beauty Trends


To be a more beautiful you in 2013, I have put together some of my favorite and practical beauty trends from the Spring 2013 runways. When I look at the runway shows, many of the beauty trends are over the top, but these tips and tricks can be easily incorporated in your everyday routine.

1. Eyes that pop naturally

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

You can achieve this look using soft brown eyeliner and a very soft light brown shadow. Complete the look with a nice soft pink lip gloss.

2. A Red Lip

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

The key to a red lip looking good on you is shade. Lighter skin tones can go with a more bright cherry shade while darker skin tones can opt for a softer more muted shade.

3. Minimal Look

Photo Credit: CND

Minimal makeup was dominant on the Spring Runways. It’s about enhancing the beauty thats already there, not adding a lot and caking it on. Nude lips and brown/light pink eye shadows are key to achieving this look.

4. Schizophrenic Nails

Photo Credit: Essie

As seen on the Phillip Lim runway, these nails are very cute and easy to achieve. Start by painting your nails one of the two colors you choose. Once the nails are completely dry, use Scotch tape to tape off half of your nail and paint the half with the other color. Simple, easy and stylish.

5. Thick Brows

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

Thick brows don’t look good one everyone, but if you are blessed with larger brows, embrace them for Spring. Keep them shaped and cleaned, and don’t try pluck yourself into that skinny brow look.


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