The Journey to Spring Part 11: Choosing the Right Photographer



Imagine yourself  preparing for a photo shoot for your clothing or accessories line. You have got the perfect location and awesome models, but the last and final thing that would make the photo shoot successful is…The Photographer! Here is what designer Tarsha Williams says about knowing how to choose the right photographer:

“Choosing the right photographer has the same process as choosing the location and model. First, find out what kind of look you are going for and select a photographer that fits that look. One of the best things I can pass along is that there is difference in a photographer and a fashion photographer. When choosing a photographer, make sure to choose one who has a fashion photography portfolio. You don’t want just a great picture, it’s imperative that your clothing is the focal point in all of the images. Also remember quality is very important. This is your potential customers introduction to your work and you don’t want it to look cheap or they will feel that your clothing is as well.”

Witch such great advice, you are probably now wondering who she choose to photograph her Spring Collection. She didn’t have to look far.. She took the photos herself! Now that’s what I call talent!

Designer AND Photographer Tarsha Williams
Designer AND Photographer Tarsha Williams


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To learn more about Tarsha Williams or DelMoniCole Clothing visit her website

You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr

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