The Ugliest $55,000 Bag I’ve Ever Seen

The Olsen twins have done it again; created another backpack for their fashion label “The Row”  that caters to their neo-girly-hippy style. The problem: It’s kinda ugly. Behold the backpack with faux prescription pills on the outside of it. It’s made from Nile crocodile; hence the expensive price.  I am all for bold, brave and different, but this, I  just don’t get it. What are your thoughts?

The Row Pill Bag

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  1. pearlsandparis says:

    I also love bold, unique pieces… but this is terrible! What even more sad is as ugly as this bag is and that hefty price tag — it will sell out!

  2. Claire says:

    Agreed…that is the ugliest bag ever, if you took the pills of I might pay $20 for it.

  3. MyStyleDaily says:

    That is the sad part! If i had $55K to spend on bags, I would do 1 Berkin and a couple of Marc Jacobs bags! 🙂

  4. MyStyleDaily says:

    @Claire … HA! Exactly..maybe $20! I am sure Forever 21 will do a knock off for like $30!

  5. garishismymiddlename says:

    this bag is hilarious. although if i were to drop 55k on a bag, i’m not sure “hilarious” is the look i’d be going for…

  6. This is truly ugly. In fact, I am stunned by how ugly it is.


  7. MyStyleDaily says:

    @garishismymiddlename agreed! i think the price tag takes the humor out of it!

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