DIY Weekend: Feather Nails

Just time time for Thanksgiving, I decided to do a little DIY and give myself a feather manicure. You can try it some time over the weekend.

You will need the following

1. Clear Base Coat and Top Coat

2. 1 Nail Color

3. Feathers of Course – I found my feathers at Micheal’s for 2.99. I had a 40% off coupon so that made it $1.79 plus tax. Check their website for coupon offers before you go.

4. Cuticle scissors (very important!)

5. An orange stick

6. About 1 hour

Now that you have got your materials and the time here is what I did to get the look

1. Before you get started, get your 10 feather pieces that you will put on each nail. Because I used the feather pad above, I pulled off the feather pieces I liked and cut then into sizes a little bit larger than my nail. The reason you should get your feathers together before you start is it’s easier than trying to select the pieces you need with wet nails.

2. Paint a clear base coat on your nails and let it completely dry

3. Paint your nails with a neutral base color and let completely dry. I used Sinful Colors in Nirvana available at Walgreens for $1.99

4. Paint a clear base coat over the dried nail color

5. Attached the feather to the nail while the clear coat is still wet

6. Use an orange stick to gently push the feather against the wet nail polish. (Tip: Do steps 4, 5 and 6 one nail at a time. This will make sure the clear coat doesn’t dry by the time you get back around to all the nails.)

7. Let the feathers with the wet polish completely dry.

8. Once dry, coat them with a shiny top coat 2-3 times. This hardens the feather and helps seal it to the nail.

9. Once your nails are dry, use cuticle scissors to cut off excess feathers.

And there you have it! A feather manicure in next to no time. If you don’t want to do all your nails in feathers, you can do 1 -2 accent nails. That would also be a great look!

Happy Friday!


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