30 Days of Gratitude Day 11: Something Old


Yesterday was a busy day for me. So, I didn’t get to post my day 11, but here it goes. A few years ago, I visited Cades Cove, TN; a settlement that was established by Europeans between 1818 and 1821. This church in the settlement is one of my favorites. I love visiting old building, especially churches. When visiting places like this, my mind always wondered back to what the people were like who lived during this time. I always get this “wow” feeling of disbelief that I am visiting a building that is over 180 years old!

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You can do the challenge with me! Tweet or Instagram your pictures, mention me (@mystyledaily) and include #Gratitude. I will retweet and post the pictures to my Facebook Page. Let have fun with this!


Lets continue to remember the states and areas affected by hurricane Sandy. You can help by texting REDCROSS to 90999 ($10 donation) or visit http://redcross.org


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