What I Learned From This Election Cycle


First, let me start off by saying that this post is neither pro-Obama or pro–Romney. I believe that both  are good family men, who love their county and thought that their plan is what would be best for America. I love all of my followers regardless of their political affiliation.

Now, on to the leanings. As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking on what takeaways I could have from this election cycle. Here is what I have observed and learned.

1. Don’t underestimate your competition.

This race was very close. I think Romney supporters are surprised that the president won given the economic condition of our county and Obama supporters are surprised that Romney came very close to defeating Obama. It goes to show, In anything you do, you have to come out with your A game in the beginning. Don’t wait until you realize your competition is doing well to then become competitive.

2. Money can’t buy everything.

Republicans out-spent democrats in political advertising, but in the end, Democrats won the election.

3. Don’t write people off, you may need them in the end.

Many political analysts say that Republicans lost the election because they did not do enough to convince minorities,  young voters and women. This teaches me that in life, you need all the help you can to accomplish your goals. Don’t dismiss people. Be kind to everyone.

4. What you say behind closed doors can sometimes come back to haunt you.

Ever been at work or at a social gathering talking about someone behind their back. Then somehow they find out and you then have to start explaining why you made those comments behind their back? Not fun. Most of us have seen or heard the video where Romney is talking about the “47%.” I can only imagine how he wished that he hadn’t said that or at least said it differently so it didn’t come off as offensive.

5. Perception can sometimes overcome reality

I happen to believe that Mitt Romney is a nice guy who cares about the people he meets. But some would say his perception of being an out of touch millionaire hurt him. He wasn’t able to over come that and show people his softer loving side.

What were your learning’s or takeaways from this election? Comments are welcome, but please nothing hateful or disrespectful toward either candidate or political party. : )


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