American Apparel Hurricane Ad…Just Right or Just Wrong?


In case you haven’t heard, American Apparel send out this email yesterday:

I have a few things to say about this. First off, if the people in these areas are out of power, their homes are being destroyed and they are in temporary shelter, do you think anyone is going to be concerned about buying clothes. Once they place their order where will it go? To their home where the area is flooded or out of power. Plus, only 20% off,  Come on! If they are suffering and need a new wardrobe because there clothes have been damaged, why doesn’t American Apparel DONATE clothes to people who need them? This is not only insensitive, it is very bad marketing and PR. Please share your thoughts about this ad. Is it just right or just wrong? My vote is just wrong.

Would you like to help? Text REDCROSS to 90999 ($10 donation) or visit .


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