Project Runway Season 10 Pre-Finale Post

Well it’s almost here… the conclusion to Season 10 of Project Runway. While I am still trying to get over my disappointment of designer Sonjia Williams leaving in episode 12, I watched last weeks show hoping to get excited about who I would root for to win. Each remaining designer had some things I liked, but no one really wowed me.

Lets start with designer Fabio Costa. The one thing I will say about Fabio is that he took a risk  and you clearly understood the girl that would wear his clothes. Now, having said that, I didn’t like any of the looks for my own personal style, but the accessories he made were fabulous. As for his shoe choice for the models, I am so glad he painted them. That brought new life to the clothes and they were perhaps my second favorite part.

Next up is Dmitry Sholokhov. I have to give it to Dmitry, the man can sew. His best piece was the white dress, but my one issue with him is that we have seen this before. I really wanted to see something different from him. The see through top and fringe jacket confused me. Again, it was really well put together, but the woman who would wear that white dress would not wear that jacket.

Then there is our only gal left in the competition,Melissa Fleis. I have liked several pieces that Melissa made in the past, but I wish she was more confident in her design choices. It was hard to focus on the clothes because of those horrid wigs the models were wearing. They looked liked like cheap wigs you would buy for Halloween. Having said that, Melissa did keep with her traditional “cool rocker girl vibe”. I just wish i could have seen more.

Lastly we have good ol’  Christopher Palu. Through out the season, Christopher has made some really beautiful clothes and has been consistent in winning challenges or being in the top 3. He, like Fabio, did think outside of the box by using his mom’s x-ray as a basis for his fabric AND he was the only one to have a custom fabric made. But, I will agree with the judges; it was innovate, but the clothes were way too simple. Again, I just wish i could have seen a little more from him.

So tomorrow night at 9, we get to see the final runway show. I am hoping that the all stepped it up a little bit for us, but only time will tell. I will be live tweeting the event on Twitter at MyStyleDaily. Please comment and let me know who you are rooting for. I still have yet to decide…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. So excited to see who wins!!



  2. MyStyleDaily says:

    Me too Jen! Who are you rooting for?

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