The Journey to Spring Part 2: The Fabrics

Every designer needs inspiration and designer Tarsha Williams of DelMoniCole Clothing gets her inspiration from fabrics. When purchasing fabrics she has adopted the ideology, “If you don’t love it don’t buy it.” In my view, loving the fabrics you choose are the base to creating a collection you will be proud of. Tarsha sent us a sneak peak into 4 of the fabrics she choose for her Spring Collection.

The first fabric is beautiful vintage print with reds, golds and blue. She choose this fabric because “it reminds me of a cute cottage on a prairie, the down home feel is what caught my attention”

I love the graphic boldness of the second fabric. She choose this one because of the retro feel the fabric has.

I loved Tarsha’s quote about the third fabric: “Metallic is always appropriate” I couldn’t agree more…especially since is a gold metallic!

Lastly, she choose this floral print with a vintage feel. She stated, “Yellow is my favorite color and I love sunflowers.” So, it’s no surprise that this fabric choice made it into the collection.

I personally can not wait to see how these will all come together for an amazing Spring Collection. Check the blog next Thursday to find out now that Tarsha has chosen her fabrics, whats next?

If you missed The Journey to Spring: Part 1, catch up here


To learn more about Tarsha Williams or DelMoniColeĀ  Clothing visit her website

You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr


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