London Review: The Best of Spring 2013

My favorite collection this year from London was the Burberry show. I loved every minute of it and there are soooo many things in the collection I am lusting after (View the show here). But there were some other great fashion moments in London. The Fashion Fringe Runway Show is equlivent to Project Runway Show. I loved the strapless grey dress from one of the contestants. It was hip, modern and sexy. The look I chose from Mulberry London was what I like to call “Easy Spring Dressing.” I could see many women throwing on that dress and jacket, heading out the door looking very stylish without a lot of effort.  It was probably one of my favorite looks that can be easily translated  from runway to the street. Then there was Acne London. The entire look screamed street chic and I loved it. I need that “Music” Tee in my wardrobe. Pringle of Scotland added  bold and bright colors to their runways. I love the sparkly turquoise sweater shown with the turquoise skirt. Last, but certainly not least was this beautiful blue gown shown on the Matthew Williamson runway. This gown is worth of any red carpet and would flatter almost any figure. It has such a great airy flow and brings that royal feel to the Spring Collections.

Thus concludes London in Review (spoken in my faux British accent).  Which look is your favorite?

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