An Amazing Find: Ralph Lauren Pumps for $3


When I go out thrifting, shoes are not typically one of the things I look for. I mostly shop for jewelry, dresses and skirts. But this past weekend as I was browsing the aisles for bright chunky sweaters to add to my closet for fall, I glanced over at the shoe section. These shoes caught my eye  because of their camel color and rounded toe. So, I decided to investigate for a closer look. As I looked on the inside of the shoe and saw the label “Lauren Ralph Lauren” I was not only intrigued, but a little excited. As I inspected the shoe for damage and quality, I was more than pleased to discover  that they were in excellent shape. Then it was time to figure out the price. I turned over to the sole of the shoe and it said “-3,” I thought, they couldn’t mean $3 could they? But they did! I got the shoes home, disinfected them with hot water, soap and about 1/2 a bottle of Lysol 😉 . Then I used leather cleaner to shine up the outside. They are good as new!



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