Runway the Real Way: DVF Color Blocking


One of the best things about Fall 2012 trends is the bright colors that are carrying on from summer. Diane Von Furstenberg’s look form her runway collection combines fuschia, mustard, gold, cobalt, and black. But with a retail value of $1,958 for look, that is out my price range!

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2012

So, after doing a bit of searching I found a comparable look for $258.38.

Here is the breakdown:

Shirt – $13.07 from

Pants  – $89.99 from JCrew

Gloves – $39.67 USD from House of Fraser UK

Belt – $30.65 from  Asos

Clutch – $35 from Aldo Shoes

Shoes – $50 from Bakers (In Stores)

All in all, that is a total savings of $1,699.62! Think of how much MORE style you can buy for that!

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