The Makeover She Deserves

I think it goes without saying that most Project Runway fans were furious with how designer Ven Budhu treated his client on Season 10, Episode 6. (Watch the Video Clip titled “Bad Budhu” HERE). So, I am starting a campaign to get his client the makeover she deserves. As a working mother, I sympathized with her not having have a lot of free time to take car of her look. She agreed to be on the show thinking that she would get the makeover of a life time. Instead, she was put in a horrid outfit, degraded , and made to feel the exact opposite of special. My dream for Ven’s client is to have her made over by Tim Gunn. Doing a little research, I found an episode of The Revolution where Tim did makeovers for “real” women. I know he can make Ven’s client look and feel fabulous!

Post this on all your social media sites, use twitter hashtag #shedeservesbetter, and don’t forget to let Project Runway and Tim Gunn know that Ven’s client should get the makeover she deserves!

I have started a petition on to get Terri the Makeover she deserves. Goal is 200,000 signatures. You can sign HERE

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kunamom says:

    I hope that she gets to feel as beautiful as she truly is!!! Please Tim Gunn …. show Ven how to do a true make over and bring more of her beauty out!

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