Pattern Mixing 101

So you want to try the pattern mixing trend, but just don’t know how. Here are a few tips to help you do it right.

1. Start with one article of clothing and build from there.

This one article will give you the basis on how to build the rest of your stylish ensemble

2. Match on color

To successfully pull off patter mixing you MUST match on color. Ask yourself, “Do the colors represented in these 2 patterns match?” If so, you are well on your way with this trend!

3. Limit the number of mixed patterns to 3

Most individuals hesitation to mixing patterns is that they want to avoid looking a mess. 2-3 patterns mixed successfully creates the stylish look you are trying to achieve. 4 or more patterns can come across as disheveled and  odd.

4. Tone down on accessories

Your pattern mixing is the focus of the outfit. Don’t distract from the focus with wild accessories. Solid color shoes, shades and bags and simple jewelry keep the attention on the patterns.

5. No pattern combination is off-limits

Following the steps listed above, no pattern combos are off-limits. So go for it! Think outside the box and dare to be different!


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